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Memories…Ghosts of a family…and a return with a new look at an American classic.

The fleeting moments I spent in our theatre space over the past two years felt like walking into a ghost story. An empty space, void of artists and audience, yet full of the spirits of productions pre-pandemic. Spirits born of memories of the last show we produced and the abandoned visions of what was supposed to be. There is something about this that makes our first production back, “The Glass Menagerie,” the perfect choice.

Ghosts of the past continue to haunt in Williams’ seminal play. Memories that shift and morph as they are revisited by one of the most well-known not-so-prodigal sons in the canon of American dramatic literature. A family inhabited inside a distant yesterday longing to be remembered.

As many of you know, for me theatre is about questions and the stories that are told by how those questions are answered. So, what do our memories look like? What do our families look like? Are our families blood, blended, chosen or any combination there of? How are they remembered? How are these answers different for each one of us yet somehow tell a similar story?

To say that I am overwhelmed with emotion in being able to produce again would be an understatement. I want to thank every one of our patrons and artists for their patience, grace and generosity during our pause. We welcome you back with open hearts and the excitement of bringing you live, in-person theatre once again.

With Gratitude,
Joseph W. Ritsch
Producing Artistic Director