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Moving forward and planning for the future…

“In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and deep civil unrest in our country, I struggle as I write what feels like a ‘business as usual’ statement. At the same time, I also want to acknowledge the communal longing for our artists and patrons to return to the theatre. Much uncertainly abounds, but there is a deep yearning for hope, joy and restorative justice. The theatre is a place for those things to take flight, as well as the empathy theatre creates that can unify us towards change.

Rep Stage is operating in uncharted territory that seems to shift every day. But one thing is certain: We must take this time to examine what the theatre can do to move us forward, both as an artform and for society at large. As we tell the stories that crack open our past, and shape our future, how can we show up in this moment to dismantle the systems that have historically caused harm? How do we create a truly equitable industry? I ask this not only of myself as a leader, but of us all as we take this journey together.

We are also looking at what this pandemic is doing to our industry and how we can produce theatre in a way that prioritizes the safety of our artists and audiences. Every day I question how we can create the work our artists so urgently need and produce art that our audiences so exigently long for. I hope you will join us this season, whatever it may look like, for productions that I believe will restore, engage and move us towards healing through the joy and pathos of theatre. I want to thank you for your support and flexibility as we continue to figure out what  theatre, and our humanity, looks like in this ever-changing landscape.”

Joseph W. Ritsch
Producing Artistic Director